Feathers'n'Friends Birdlist

Sightings close to our Cottage:

We have been recording sightings on our north queensland property and near by (within 200m) over the last 9 years, and are pleased to provide this check list (currently listing 147). We have indicated those we, and Guests, have seen or heard. This list should assist guests interested in bird watching and recording their sightings.

Guests may obtain copies of the Feathers'n'Friends birdlist during your visit

We would appreciate guests and visitors advising us of any updates or additions we may make to our birdlist.

Feathers'n'Friends Birdlist

Seen by Guests
(S)een, (H)eardBird SpeciesNotes
SAustralian Brush Turkey
SOrange-footed Scrubfowl
SBrown Quail
SMagpie Goose
SAustralian Wood Duck
SPacific Black Duck
SAustralasian Grebe
SWhite-headed Pigeon
SBrown Cuckoo-Dove
SEmerald Dove
SPeaceful Dove
SBar-shouldered Dove
SWompoo Fruit-Dove
SSuperb Fruit-Dove
STopknot Pigeon
SSpotted Nightjar
SLarge-tailed Nightjar
SAustralian Swiftlet
SAustralasian Darter
SLittle Pied Cormorant
SLittle Black Cormorant
SAustralian Pelican
SBlack-necked Stork
SBlack Bittern
SWhite-necked Heron
SEastern Great Egret
SIntermediate Egret
SCattle Egret
SWhite-faced Heron
SNankeen (Rufous) Night-Heron
SAustralasian White Ibis
SStraw-necked Ibis
SRoyal Spoonbill
SYellow-billed Spoonbill
SEastern Osprey
SPacific Baza
SWhite-bellied Sea-Eagle
SWhistling Kite
SBrahminy Kite
SBlack Kite
SGrey Goshawk
SWedge-tailed Eagle
SRed-necked Crake
SBuff-banded Rail
SPale-vented Bush-hen
SBush Stone-curlew
SBlack-winged Stilt
SMasked Lapwing
SLatham's Snipe
SPainted Button-quailSeen by Guests
SRed-tailed Black-Cockatoo
SSulphur-crested Cockatoo
SRainbow Lorikeet
SScaly-breasted Lorikeet
SLittle Lorikeet
SDouble-eyed Fig-Parrot
SRed-winged Parrot
SPheasant Coucal
SEastern Koel
SChannel-billed Cuckoo
SBlack-eared Cuckoo
SShining Bronze-Cuckoo
SLittle Bronze-Cuckoo
SChestnut-breasted Cuckoo
SFan-tailed Cuckoo
SBrush Cuckoo
SOriental CuckooSeen by Guests
HBarking Owl
HLesser Sooty OwlHeard by Guests
SSouthern Boobook Owl
SPapuan FrogmouthSeen by Guests
SAzure Kingfisher
SBuff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher
SForest Kingfisher
SLaughing Kookaburra
SRainbow Bee-eater
SDollar Bird
SNoisy Pitta
SSpotted Catbird
SGreat Bowerbird
SLovely Fairy-wren
SYellow-throated Scrubwren
SWhite-browed Scrubwren
SLarge-billed ScrubwrenSeen by Guests
SBrown Gerygone
SLarge-billed Gerygone
SFairy Gerygone
SMacleay's Honeyeater
SLewin's Honeyeater
SYellow-spotted Honeyeater
SGraceful Honeyeater
SYellow-faced Honeyeater
SYellow Honeyeater
SDusky Honeyeater
SBridled HoneyeaterSeen by Guests
SScarlet Honeyeater
SBrown Honeyeater
SBrown-backed Honeyeater
SRufouse-banded Honeyeater
SWhite-throated Honeyeater
SBlue-faced Honeyeater
SHelmeted Friarbird
SLittle Friarbird
SEastern Whipbird
SBlack-faced Cuckoo-shrike
SWhite-bellied Cuckoo-shrike
SBarred Cuckoo-shrike
SWhite-winged Triller
SVaried Triller
SWhite-breasted Woodswallow
SLittle Shrike-thrush
SBower's Shrike-thrush
SGolden WhistlerSeen by Guests
SAustralasian Figbird
SYellow Oriole
SOlive-backed Oriole
SBlack Butcherbird
SSpangled Drongo
SGrey WhistlerSeen by Guests
SRufous Fantail
SGrey Fantail
SNorthern Fantail
SWillie Wagtail
STorresian Crow
SLeaden Flycatcher
SBlack-faced Monarch
HWhite-eared Monarch
SSpectacled Monarch
SPied Monarch
SMagpie Lark
SYellow-breasted Boatbill
SVictoria's Riflebird
SPale-yellow Robin
SGrey-headed Robin
SFairy Martin
SWelcome Swallow
SBassian Thrush
SMetalic Starling
SCommon Myna
SOlive-backed Sunbird
SDouble-barred Finch
SRed-browed Finch
SChestnut-breasted Mannikin

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