Feathers'n'Friends Property Photo Gallery

Our photo gallery currently shows a few photographs of the gardens and other intereting features surrounding the Feathers'n'Friends cottage. This gallery will be updated regularly to reflect changes and availability of topical photos.

We would appreciate guests providing unusual or beautiful photos for us to display (with acknowledgement) in our Feathers'n'Friends property photo gallery.



Part of surrounding gardens.

Driveway to the Cottage:


During Cyclone Yasi:

cyclone yasi

Photo taken in the middle of Cyclone Yasi. Very little damage but a lot of rain!

Rainforest Regeneration Project:

rainforest regeneration planting

We have been busy planting rainforest trees on formerly cleared land on the property. Many of our friends participated in the planting. The pink tree guards prevent Wallabies and Pademelons eating the leaves while the trees are small.


Photo here taken in approximate location to photo above when the planting took place. Eighteen months and two wet seasons later has sure provided the right environment for our tree plantings. 420 trees were planted and we probably lost about 30 or so. Replacements and new plantings have extended the project. The trees are all endemic to the area and have been deliberately selected to attract birds and butterflies. We expect full canopy cover will come about in another two years.

Jade Vine Flower:

jade flower

The Jade Vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys) produces a beautiful flower about 500mm in length. The vine is growing over one of our fig trees.



A good display of Dendrobium nobile, one of the many orchids growing on trees throughout the gardens .

Jaboticaba Fruit:


Our guest (Lucie) from France sampling the Jaboticaba fruit. Wonderful to eat fresh from the tree. Makes great jam and wine. Fruits December/January.

Photo courtesy Lucie/Thomas/Nicolas.

More Gardens:

garden triangle

garden new

garden 10

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