Bird Watch, Birding Tours, Wildlife Tours & Relaxation

Feathers'n'Friends Cottage is located in the centre of a popular area for bird watching, nature tours, wildlife tours, bushwalking and other tropical tourist pursuits. Guests may 'do their own thing', or take advantage of various tours which are available with local, professional experts who act as tour guides, either in your transport or with provided transport. We strongly recommend guests peruse the website Birdlife Northern QLD for a wealth of information related to birding in far north Queensland.

Self-Guided Tours:

Guests may obtain a copy of a comprehensive bird list for the area and other information, maps etc. pointing out areas of interest and information on likely places where they may see bird and other wildlife endemic to the area. Your Hosts can provide advice and information suited to your interests.

A helpful and very informative website related to self-guided information and birding can be found at Cairns Birdwatching.

Guided Tours:

Feathers'n'Friends can assist you in choosing guided tours and supply you with relevant contact numbers. Guests may hire an experienced Bird Guide, with a mini-bus or 4WD, for half or full day outings. Alternatively you may use your own vehicle.

Guests can personalise their tours or take advice from the tour guides. All the Guides can accommodate beginners through to experienced birders. Guides are also experienced in tours related to endemic wildlife photography.

Other tourist venues and facilities such as reef trips, diving trips, hot-air ballooning, river-boat trips etc. are available. Contact details may be obtained from your Hosts or from local Tourist Bureaus.

Please check the following websites (listed in alphabetical order) for very detailed information on birding, tours and bird guiding in our area, along with some incredible photographs of birds and other wildlife:

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Evening & Day walks:

Your Hosts can recommend a torchlight walk around the Feathers'n'Friends' gardens during the evenings to spotlight the many nocturnal native animals and birds that frequent the area.

Mammals and birds you are likely to spot during your night walks are: Bandicoots, Wallabies, Pademelons, Melomys, White-tail rats, Flying Foxes, Bats, Bush Stone Curlews, Orange Footed Scrub Fowl, Amethystine Python. During daylight hours you will see a range of endemic and migrant birds. Most of the year there are magnificent Ulysses and Cairns Birdwing Butterflies throughout the gardens.


Guests are welcome to relax and enjoy the peaceful bushland and gardens surrounding the cottage. Relaxing on the cottage patio enables bird watching at your doorstep. Exploratory walks through the gardens and surrounding bush is encouraged.

You can see recent photos and comments about Feathers'n'Friends on our new Facebook page.