Links that may be useful or interesting for Birdwatchers:

* Home Page for Birdlife Northern QLD

Feathers'n'Friends gratefully acknowledges Birdlife Northern QLD for information on birding in far North Queensland"

* Eyes on Wildlife website

Patrick runs Birding and Wildlife tours in far-north Queensland and has enjoyed birding on our property where hae has captured some nice photos of birds we did not know were frequenting the place.

* Nekta Vite bird feeders & bird vitamin supplements

Looking after Australia's beautiful, diverse and precious birdlife by promoting a natural and healthy approach is the aim of the staff at Nekta Vite. Nekta-Vite is a vitamin supplement specially formulated for birds and has been used by bird lovers Australia wide for 30+ years. Australian Made & Grown Nekta-Vite provides both the Vitamin Supplement and also the Bird Feeders. Nekta-Vite is proudly produced in Australia.

* Gypsytwitchers website

Alby and Eleanor, recent guests staying in Feathers'n'Friends cottage, kindly offered us some photos of birds taken on our property and the link to their outstanding website. A real pleasure to us to have enthusiastic visitors with a vast knowledge of birdlife and some interesting tales to tell of their journeys to chase down birds.

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